Solutions for Powered and Non-Powered Asset Tracking

IOT for Every Application

PQ-Team Oy is a finnish company serving consumers, system developers and companies of any size with IoT – devices, web-tools and mobile applications. From our product range there can be found suitable sensors for almost any kind of customer and for almost any kind of application.

As data services and alert generation, we use several types of mapping solutions and wide range of use case taylored platforms. As communication routes, up-to-date IoT – networks, traditional cellular networks and satellite communication networks are all used regularly.

Multi-Technology Indoor/Outdoor Asset Tracking Solutions

We utilize the widest range of connectivity and location technology options including GNSS, WiFi Positioning, Cell Tower Positioning, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Iridium Satellite, and LoRaWAN® Geolocation.

Solutions for Powered and Non-Powered Asset Tracking

Select from the largest range of battery-powered asset tracking devices featuring up to 12 years of battery life to track and manage assets that do not have a power source, such as pallets, bins, or shipping containers. We also offer comprehensive equipment monitoring, GPS fleet tracking and management and In-Vehicle-Monitoring System solutions for vehicles and heavy equipment management.

Fast and Flexible Integration

With an open and flexible payload structure, integrating PQ-Team GPS asset trackers into existing tracking systems or ERPs is faster and less complicated, allowing our partners to deploy or go to market faster with the latest IoT asset tracking technologies.

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Product Features

Accident, Rollover, Tip, Rotation Counting and Tilt

Most of our GPS tracking devices are fitted with a 3-Axis Accelerometer, enabling several key tracking features such as; Accident, Rollover, Tip, Rotation Counting, and Tilt Detection.

Advanced Geofencing

Geofences can be downloaded directly from Telematics Guru onto supported devices, which gives the device knowledge of which geofence it is in.

Bluetooth® in Fleet Management

Applying Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology in fleet management requires a Bluetooth® gateway device and Bluetooth® sensors.

Movement-based Tracking

The use of 3-Axis Accelerometers in most of our devices enables “Movement-based Tracking” for increased battery life, optimized data use and smarter reporting.

Remote Vehicle Immobilization

Remote Vehicle Immobilization allows users to remotely disable a vehicle’s ignition in the case of theft or unauthorized use, offering vital security benefits.

Run Hour Monitoring

One of the key reasons to make use of telematics devices and software is for monitoring Run/Engine hours and odometer readings.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is an important cost-saving measure in fleet management consisting of scheduled services, inspections and repairs on vehicles and equipment.

Driver Identification

PQ-Team devices support a variety of Driver Identification options to provide driver behavior monitoring, access control and logbooking solutions.

Customers and References

Delete OYJ

Operating over 600 waste and communal skip bins and containers across worksites throughout Finland, Delete Group is tracking and...


"Varkaat saatiin kiinni ja koneet turvassa poliisilaitoksella. Iso kiitos teille, paikantimet toimivat loistavasti!"

Juha Väyliö, CEO - AvantPalvelu Oy
Sigma Trukit

"Asiantunteva tiimi ja erinomaista palvelua"

Arto Makkonen, Tekninen Päällikkö - Sigma Trukit Oy

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